Horatio and I are so excited to debut our first book together.  This is the story of how a little, grey pup came to find his true purpose in life through exploring movement in the Pilates studio.  The discoveries made by Horatio within the studio setting allow him to see that the parts of himself he once thought were flaws are actually what makes him special!

Parents, children and Pilates enthusiasts will enjoy this “coming of age story” and even receive a chance to explore their own favorite moves like Horatio!  Set in the city of Chicago, illustrations by Daniel Warren Johnson capture the true beauty of a city throughout the seasons seen through the eyes of our scruffy pup.  We hope you enjoy our story, which will be ready for purchase in June 2014.

UPDATE: Our kickstarter.com campaign was a success! Horatio Moves! is at the printers and will be available for purchase in June 2014! Thank you to our generous backers.  Check out our video campaign below:

In the meantime, check out our Facebook page for posts, pics and fun with Horatio and we’ll see you in person at the Pilates Method Alliance Annual Meeting in November 2014!


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